Meet The Characters

Ed Dee doo dar:

You’ve heard of extreme sports…. well, eight year old Ed Dee doo dar, the curious boy with the curious name, isn’t in to any of those……….


He is however, extremely into something else – Science.


Being a cross between the Nutty Professor and Einstein (the famous physicist, not the dog in Back to the Future), you could call Ed an extreme scientist….and a cool looking one at that.


With his trendy looking sunglasses he can’t be missed! You’ll rarely see Ed without his rucksack too. As well as keeping his glasses safe, they always contain a special can of ‘Roo Spray’.


At school, Ed has the nickname of Double E. It’s something he likes as it makes him sound like one of those scientists for secret agents in the movies!


You mustn’t get the idea however that Ed’s only passion is science.


He’s just as passionate in wanting to save the environment and thinking up ways how he can do this through his inventions gives Ed great pride and lots of fun!


One final thing to say is that Ed loves eating baked beans….and lots of them.


Ted is Ed’s lovable pet dog. He likes to stay close to Ed, more often than not by sleeping in a corner somewhere in Ed’s lab or bedroom.
Ed likes to talk to Ted when he’s working in the lab so a dozing Ted usually replies with a wiggle of his ears or a woof if he’s really impressed.
Ed likes to dress Ted up too. One occasion was when Ed’s lab was finally built. As the Queen was unable to do the ‘opening honours’, Ed used Ted instead. Seeing a dog bite a ribbon whilst wearing a crown and long purple gown is something you don’t see very often!

Ed’s Mum And Dad:

Bob & Barbara Dee doo dar first dated in their final year at school and have now been married for 12 years. Bob works as the branch manager of the village bank and Barbara works part time at the nursing home.


In his spare time, Bob enjoys doing a little bit of DIY work. Helping Ed turn the garden shed into a lab was a most noteworthy effort.In her spare time, Barbara likes to watch cookery shows so she can experiment on recipes to try to entice Ed away from his favourite meal of baked beans with more baked beans.


Being compatible, they don’t have many disagreements, but there was one that was the cause of Ed’s nickname.


Ed was named after Barbara’s dad, Ed. His middle name Eugene, after Bob’s father, Eugene. They both preferred to call him after their own dad. This made things very confusing. So at school Ed was given the nickname of ‘Double E’.


They are very proud of Ed’s eagerness to help the environment, even if it means having to constantly apologise to people when his inventions don’t quite go to plan!


Other residents of Windy Bottom to be introduced soon…….including Ed’s incredible best friend……..