Ed’s world

8 year old science loving Ed, lives with his parents in a small village in the south west of England called Windy Bottom.


His lab in the back garden (aka, the garden shed), is where he performs most of his experiments and inventions.


Ed discovered the Bumps here after his glasses and headphones invention went wrong.


He’d intended to make them so he could have x-ray vision and read peoples thoughts……


however, after accidentally farting whilst making the invention, he soon found he could now see and understand Bumps instead!


As you know, after finding Bumps to be friendly but that they were causing damage to the ozone layer,
Ed made his special ‘Roo Spray’ but did you know that Ed now names every type of Bump he sees and rates them too?


He does this according to the noise, smell, waft distance, speed and ozone friendliness of each.


Trading cards